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    7. Products
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      005/006 Series

      Product Category:Thermoplastic acrylic paint

      Product Use:Household appliances, toys and crafts

      Product material:ABS、PC、AS、PS

      Product Features:Non-toxic, good hardness, fast drying, anti-bite bottom

      Quality guarantee period :6 months after delivery (storage conditions: compliance with the conditions laid down Fire Act, pay attention to fire, avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a well-ventilated indoor warehouse)

      Technical Specifications:

      Transparency (Varnish) transparent water white
      Color Meet the standard sample≤±∑1.0
      Viscosity ≥50s(According to the color may be)
      Non-volatile components ≥35%(According to the color may be)

      Product packaging:20Kg net drum mounted

      Ancillary components and proportions:

      With my 240C #, 236 # thinner supporting better. Construction adjust the viscosity to 14 ~ 18s is appropriate (Tu 4 cup 25 ℃).

      Finishing, dry conditions:

      Depending on the product's construction process single ratio, uniform spray chart, at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, bake 15 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius.

      Film Properties:
      Film thickness(um) 15±5
      Exterior Flat, smooth
      Luster(60°) ——
      Hardness (China pencil) HB
      Adhesion (cross-adhesion test) 100/100
      Shock resistance ——
      Weatherability ——

      Precautions:This information concerned the content of this series overall performance, does not apply to the specific product or process-specific requirements. Specific performance test results to product-specific test report shall prevail.